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LCA Music Director: Pavel Polanco

Conducted and performed own compositions both nationally and internationally, such as in Europe, Latin America, and various regions of the United States.

Compositions have been performed by musical ensembles, including The Boston Mountain Chamber Players, Schola Cantorum, and the award-winning choir, Coro de Cámara del Instituto de AIM.

Arranged and performed for the following musical groups/artists: The Barrio Band (2002), Conjunto Jabalí (2002), Los Gatos Band (2003), Fuego Latino (2005-06), Grupo Candela (2005-06), Del Sur Son (2005-06), Olor a Café (2001-present), Romolo Castro (2006) Guillermo Anderson (2006), Roscoe Mitchell (2005) and Hector Tricoche (2006). Duties included playing piano, Latin percussion instruments, as well as performing on vocals and bass. (2005-2006)

Served as director, founder, and performer of the Madison, WI based Latin ensemble, Grupo Candela. Organized concerts, booked gigs, and led and organized rehearsals.

(2001-Present) Co-founded and performed with the music ensemble, Olor a Café. Organized national concert tours and performance schedules. Presented guest lectures about Latin American Music. (1999-2002) Accompanied and worked as a vocal coach for opera singers at the University of Arkansas.

Marisol Diaz

LCA Art Director: Marisol Diaz

Currently a student, graphic designer, radio host, and mother, this girl has got it all goin' on! Here's a latina who never stops pursuing her goals, and is always up to something.*** At an early age, Marisol was interested in design concepts and creation. When she was in middle school, she became interested in computers and computer art/design. It was then that she decided she wanted to study Art in college to pursue a career in Graphic Design. In high school, at the tender age of 16, she enrolled in an internship program, where she got her first job in the graphics industry as a proofer, making proofs of projects for clients to view before their project was sent to print. After she graduated, she went to Waukesha County Technical College, to obtain an associate degree in Printing and Publishing. After that, she decided to continue going to school and pursue a bachelor degree in Art with emphasis in Graphic Design, at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee.


LCA Production/S & L Director: Juan Ortiz & JP Sound

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DJ Wiry

Tina Elmergreen

Sabor Latino

Music Programmer/ Host – DJ Wiry
Production/ Salem Communications - Peter Horn

Host - Marisol Diaz
Host - Tina Elmergreen

JP Sound


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